I Used To Be Rubbish Recycled Half Pint Cup CE - 1000 Pack

I Used To Be Rubbish Recycled Half Pint Cup CE - 1000 Pack

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Recycled Half Pint Cup CE- 100% RPET - 1250 pack

The perfect alternative to plastic and compostable glasses 100% RPET!

These fully recycled glasses can be easily recycled through your regular recycled waste collection.

Go Green with our range of 100% RPET glasses. These eco-friendly products are made from food safe, 100% post consumer waste from items such as water & soda bottles using carefully selected 100% recycled material, guaranteeing a high quality product with excellent clarity.

The material we use is collected, sorted, cleaned and re-ground before being used in manufacturing again, ensuring this valuable material has a second use and diverts it from landfill or our rivers, streams and oceans.

Our range is European made, which gives them a low carbon footprint. product for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Perfect for festivals this recycled glass is great to avoid over-pouring and is 100% recycleable. 

  • Pack size: 1250pk
  • Uses: Serving exactly a half pint.
  • Materials: RPET
  • 100% recycled content

Product information
  • 100% RPET Glasses
  • 100% recycled content
  • RPET can then be further fully recycled
  • Half pint to brim
  • 1 pint 284ml / 10oz
  • Great for festivals and outdoor events
  • Easy To Re-Oder Cartons
  • New Recyclable Packaging - Because We Care About Sustainability
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